Viewing a List of Document Templates and Invoice Templates

In the Document Templates section, you can set up document templates, invoice templates, and use templates obtained from (if you have an account with

For each template, the following information is displayed in the list of templates:

  1. Name — the column displays the type (for an invoice or for a document) as an icon and the name of the template. To open the preview form, simply click on the template name.
  2. The ticket is a special shortcut that only appears for templates available from
  3. Status — displays the status of the template in published or not published (status change is not available):
    • Active — the status is automatically assigned to document templates that were not created in and to all invoice templates;
    • Inactive — the status is displayed for unpublished document templates.
  4. File name:
    • When you click the name of the template file obtained from will open the template editor;
    • When you click name of a template file created in the file will be download.

To find the template you need, you can filter the list of templates by template type (document or invoice) or use the search bar.


Document templates received as a result of synchronization with cannot be deleted.
The list of templates is updated automatically, you can change the frequency in the configuration file (by default — 1 time per hour).
If the user's password was changed after syncing with, or they were locked out in, all synced templates remain in, but the sync stops working until the user is unlocked or the old password is restored.

To view or edit a document template, click on its name.


If the template was received as a result of synchronization with, a link to the template in is displayed instead of the attached template file.