Providing access to the report

Sharing will allow you to set the rights to view the report you created for other users or groups, to specify the ability to edit the report for selected users.
You can grant access to the report, or vice versa, restrict:
  • In the list of reports;
  • On the Access tab of the report.

In addition to the sharing settings, you can also share the report via a link — even a non-registered user can view the report.

How to share a report

After a report is created, it is available by default only to the author.
To grant and configure access to a report:
  1. Click the Access tab and select a user or group from the list.
  2. Select access level: View only or Editing.
  3. Click the Save button in the lower right corner.


To grant access to a report from the list of reports:
  1. Click the button next to the report and select the Share Access item, a form for providing access to the report will open.
  2. Select a user or group from the list.
  3. Select access level: View only or Editing.
  4. Click the Save button.


The Share tab of the report will also display any changes after you save the sharing form.


You can exclude users from the public access list — to do this:
  1. Click the Access tab of the report, or open the Access form in the list of reports.
  2. Press the button at the end of the user row and select Delete.
  3. Confirm the removal of a user or user group from the list in the window that opens.
  4. Click the save button in the lower right corner of the screen.


You cannot change the permission level or remove the author of a report.


How to sent a report

You can share the report with anyone via the link, even if they are not registered with
To sent a report:
  1. Select a report in the Reports section.
  2. Click the button and select the Share report via link item, a window with report access settings will be displayed.
  3. Set the Allow share by link flag, a link to the report will be generated.
  4. Copy the link to the report and click the Save button — if you don't click the button, the link to the report will be invalid.
  5. Send a link to the report to another person.



If you refresh the report page after submission or perform any other actions with the report, the link to the report will no longer work.