Using HTML-markup in fields

Using HTML-markup in the fields will allow you to immediately follow links inserted in fields and select fragments of text, for example, in italic font style.
Use HTML markup in the following fields:
  • In fields of type Text Area in object cards, add. attributes in client requests;
  • In the system fields Description;
  • In the Note field for client requests;
  • In the Description field for events and tasks that can be filled with data from the calendar or when an automation script is triggered;
  • In the Note field for notes. 
To format the text:
  1. Enter text in the HTML-markup field and select it.
  2. Select the desired action on the panel, for example:
  • Bold typeface;
  • Italic typeface;
  • Underline font style;
  • Strikethrough typeface;
  • Bulleted list;
  • Numbered list;
  • Hyperlink;
  • Paragraph format;
  • Cleaning the markup.

The text formatting will be applied.


When you insert a link, you can specify how to open the link - in a new or in the current tab.

The formatted text is rendered without HTML-markup elements (i.e. as Plain text):
  • When exporting to PDF, Excel, CSV (for example, when downloading a case card);
  • When generating a DOCX document based on a template;
  • When viewing report data;
  • When uploading reports.

The following restrictions apply when using HTML-markup:

  • Tabulation not supported:
    • If indentation was tabulated, it will be cleared;
    • If you paste text from Word — tabs will be automatically replaced with spaces.
  • Synchronizing with Casebook does not overwrite the formatted value in the field, so the automation workflows do not respond to changes in the field.
  • When editing formatting and/or adding a hyperlink, automation workflows for editing a specific field will not work, since the text itself has not changed.

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