Kanban board

For easier navigation a large stream of tasks, switch the task list to kanban mode. To do this, click the Kanban button on the filter panel.


Now tasks are sorted into columns depending on their statuses. By default, the board displays columns for all task statuses in Case.one. The statuses and their order can be edited by the administrator.

Note! Filtering and sorting is preserved when changing the view mode.

To sort tasks in kanban mode:

  1. Click the Sort button on the filter bar.
  2. Select the sort type.
  3. Take advantage of advanced sorting options. Select the Advanced type.
  4. Specify the sorting parameter and type - Descending or Ascending.
  5. Click the Apply button.

For each task, information is displayed by default:

  • Task name
  • Responsible
  • Date and time of completion

To add or remove other data on the card:

  1. Click the button on the upper right
  2. Select Task Card Settings
  3. In the list, mark the data that you want to add to the card. Uncheck the data you want to hide.
  4. Click the Apply button.


If you have taken a task to work, completed it, and now you are wanting to send it for review, you can just move it to the right column. The status will change automatically.


You cannot change the status using drag and drop if the required fields are not filled in the task.