Release 60, November 2021



Now you can save a reports list filter and quickly switch between different sets of reports.  Read more: Viewing and filtering the list of reports.

You can also quickly drag and drop reports and report folders to customize their structure and sequence.

We've changed the Column Settings form to make it easier for you to fill it out. Now the choice of the filter value will appear on the form only after filling in the Field type for the filtering column.

We've improved filtering by dates. Now you can use time periods in report and column filters:

  • Yesterday - for the previous day relative to the day of the report generation
  • Today - for the day the report is generated
  • Current week - seven days from the first day of the week according to the instance settings which include the day of the report generation
  • Current month - from the first to the last day of the month in which the report is generated
  • For the last 7 days - for the last 7 days, relative to the day of the report generation
  • For the last 30 days - for the last 30 days, relative to the day of the report generation

Object card

Now the object card can contain a button that will allow you to quickly perform some action (for example, receive or send data). In addition, the fields of the card can be visually separated from each other to make it easier for you to perceive its content. Only an administrator can add dividers and buttons to a card.


When exporting an object card to PDF:

  • The button name will be displayed as the field value
  • A field of type Separator will be displayed as an empty field.

Bugs and Fixes

  • We have fixed the display of fields with the "Date" type when the display of the date format 00.00.0000 or 00-00-0000 is configured in the Google Chrome v. 92.0.4515.131 - now dates are displayed in full, instead of being truncated by three dots.

  • Now in the profile, after saving changes to the last name or first name, the new first and last name are displayed under the user's photo immediately, without refreshing the page.

  • We have fixed the display of the author's avatar in the letter on the Events tab of the object card.

  • We have fixed an error when loading a file into a field with the "Document" type in a block where the number of multi-lines is more than 100.

  • We have changed the color of the Message field in the Notify operator.

  • We have subordinated receiving reply emails from Outlook when the Microsoft Outlook 365 plug-in is connected.

  • Now, when replying to a conversation from Outlook or Gmail, the correct recipient is always substituted.

  • The bottom border after the "Email" field is now always displayed on the following forms:

    • Group sending letters


      Group invoice submission form

    • Inviting a new client to the case

  • Now, on the form for sending a letter, when you enter an email that is not entered in the System, the Insert as text item is not displayed.

  • Now, when clearing formatting in a token email template, the token highlighting is preserved.

  • Now, in a letter template with several tokens, when deleted using the [Delete] key, only characters in front of the cursor are erased, and when the cursor reaches a token, it is completely erased.

  • Now, when uploading a file on the form for sending a letter, the Send button will be unavailable for clicking until the file is uploaded.

  • Now, when you click on the notification for a new comment to a letter from the "Bell", if there are no rights or not enough rights to the case, a notification is displayed: "An error occurred. The letter was not found or there are not enough rights."

  • Now the archived tasks are:

    • Unavailable for deletion during bulk deletion of tasks

    • Not available for editing and deletion from the list in an archive file or object

  • Now a task that is in the archive cannot be dragged and dropped when viewing the task list in Kanban mode.

  • Now in the list of tasks when sorting by a column after the first click on any column, sorting will be performed in ascending order without preserving the direction from the previous column.

  • Now, if there are no rights to the root task to be deleted or at least to one of the subtasks nested in it, the tasks will not be deleted and a notification about the insufficient level of rights will be displayed.

  • The "+" button is not displayed in the list of tasks on the card when switching the display mode of tasks if the rights to view tasks are set.

  • We have fixed the display of the Add file field in the Safari browser on the task creation form - now, after clicking in the field, it will not be highlighted in purple.

  • We have fixed a bug with color highlighting of task completion dates in the Tasks section and on the Tasks tab of the object card:

    • Dates are highlighted in red for tasks with an overdue due date

    • Dates are highlighted in purple for tasks that are due today and later

  • Now in the calendar, when you click on the date once, the form for quick creation of an event / task will open, if the creation of an event or task on the form that opened after clicking the More button was canceled before.

  • Now, when viewing the calendar in the Week mode, if the window is resized, tasks / events are displayed correctly in the calendar grid.

  • We have fixed the error saving an invoice after clicking the Save button in the invoice change confirmation dialog.

  • Now, when you try to save the form for creating a new rule for changing accounts, if an incorrect day of the month is entered, a prompt appears: "Max. Value 31".

  • We have fixed the height of the Description field in the Request a system report form in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • Now you can remove recipients from the Submitting rule form when customizing the report by selecting the recipient with the [Ctrl + A] keys and deleting using the [Delete] or [Backspace] keys.



Now you can add buttons to perform an action on object cards, as well as visually separate different fields of one block to make the object card more readable. Read more:


Bugs and Fixes

  • We have fixed filtering in system reports when using the {allConditions} tag.

  • We have added a script to recalculate the context for all cases to fix the display of search results by case number in the Cases section.

  • We have fixed the scrolling in the script editing window.


    Now, when you delete a script or a folder with a script that is used in another script, a notification is always displayed indicating where the script is used.

  • Now the placeholder of the field is displayed correctly:

    • When deleting the folder name in the Scripts section


      When deleting a new tab on the Settings tab in the Object section.

  • Now, after deleting a catalog item Document Type, if the list of documents was filtered by the deleted type, the Reset button is not displayed in the Documents section, and the values ​​of the installed filters will be automatically cleared.

  • We have fixed a bug in the object constructor when moving blocks and fields to the stage area of ​​an object - now such movement of blocks and fields is ignored.


You can work with different versions of the public API more convenient now.

We have added the following methods from v.1 to v.2:

  • Get or update an authorization token - POST /api/v2/auth/token

  • Get or update an authorization token via Windows - POST /api/v2/auth/wintoken

  • Check the service - GET /api/v2/health

  • Get objects' information - GET /api/v2/objects

  • Delete an object by ID - DELETE /api/v2/objects/{id}

  • Archive an object by ID - POST /api/v2/objects/{id}/archive

  • Restore an archived object by ID - POST /api/v2/objects/{id}/restore

  • Add members to an object by its ID - POST /api/v2/objects/{id}/participants

We have added a group of methods for working with documents in v.3:

  • Get a document by ID - GET /api/v3/documents/{id}

  • Create a document by identifier with the ability to upload a file - PUT /api/v3/documents

  • Get a documents list by specified filters - POST /api/v3/documents

  • Delete a document by ID - DELETE /api/v3/documents

  • Create a document from a template to the specified or root folder of the object - POST /api/v3/documents/CreateFromTemplate

  • Edit a document by ID - PUT /api/v3/documents/Update

  • Download a document by ID - GET /api/v3/documents/Download

We have added the DocumentFolderId parameter that points to the root folder of the object in the following methods:

  • Get an object by ID - GET /api/v2/objects/{id}, GET /api/v1/objects/{id}

  • Get an objects list - GET /api/v1/objects

Note! You can explore these and other methods as well as try them yourself. Read more: Developer's Guide.

Bugs and Fixes

  • Now the paging in the response of the POST /api/ProjectFieldFilterValues/Get works correctly - as a result, 20 records per page are displayed.
  • [Internal API] We have fixed an error in the POST / api/ReportCatalog/MoveCatalogItems when moving a report into which a template is loaded.
  • Now when sending an email with tags:
    • In the POST /api/feed/Groups in the Description parameter, the text will be screened.
    • The message body will be displayed in the event feed, which was enclosed in angle brackets.