Version 59, October 2021



For your convenience with the task card, we have changed it:
  • Now the card has just two tabs: Task and History.
  • We have moved additional attributes from a separate tab to the Main block of the Task tab.
  • We have moved subtasks to a separate block on the Task tab. You can add and remove them directly in the block.

You can create subtasks easier now. To do this, you don't even need to switch to another tab - you can create it on the same page in the Subtasks block. The subtask card is similar to the task card. We've added a link to the parent task above the subtask name. For each subtask, you can create your own subtasks - and so on up to 10 levels. Read more: Create a subtask.

In case you you can track tasks dependency, we have made tasks lists in a hierarchy: for each task, you can collapse or show a list subtasks. Read more: View and filter the list of tasks.

Now you can quickly sort the tasks in the list. To do this, simply click on the column heading. Learn more: View and filter the list of tasks.

To help you find the task you need faster, we have improved search and filtering. Now:
  • search is contextual and does not consider spaces before and after text
  • you can search for a task by additional attributes
  • results are displayed considering sorting

Read more: View and filter the list of tasks.

In case you can navigate a large flow of tasks, we have added kanban to all task lists. Now you can watch them in the regular list and in kanban. Read more: Kanban board.

Now you no longer need to change the status or assign a responsible person for each individual task. We've added group operations for task lists. You can change the status, priority, assign or delete several tasks at once. Read more: Bulk operations with tasks.


In case the System works stably and not freeze, we have added a check for the maximum allowable file size, both on the server side and in the browser. The maximum file upload size is now determined by the MaxAllowedContentLength parameter in the config settings file. If the parameter is not set, you can upload a file up to 2.14GB.


To show someone or save a report to yourself, now you can simply copy the link in the browser of the generated report - all the parameters are specified in it.

If you refresh the report, page or re-enter the System, the parameters will also remain. You don't need to reinstall them.

However, if you open this report again from the Reports section, the parameters will be reset.


Now you can quickly jump to the desired date in the calendar. We've added a mini calendar to the sidebar. Read more: View calendars.

Bugs and Fixes
  • Now duplicate events for monitoring sets not create in the System.
  • Now, when you enable restriction by IP-address, the user with the banned IP-address will be automatically directed to the authorization page immediately after refreshing any page of the System.
  • Now you can create invoices with long names. We've lowered the limit to 256 characters.
  • If, when creating a letter, the Connect your mail window opened, then immediately after connecting the mail service, the form for creating a letter will open again.
  • Now, if you click in the case link in an event from the feed, the case card will open, and the event view form will close.
  • We've adjusted the position of the Spacing field in the low resolution billing rule.
  • If you return to any inactive System tab after a while, the Web Sockets connection error is no longer displayed with a stable Internet connection.
  • We fixed the saving of a profile photo when uploading it using the Upload photo / Change photo button.
  • We have fixed a bug in the Case filters in the event feed and Status in the list of tasks. Filters now display the correct number of values ​​after refreshing the page, even if there are more than 20.
  • We have fixed the display of elements in the Firefox browser:

      • hints about filling in the field on the form for adding / viewing a task
      • task status windows in the task list
      • Description fields on the form for adding / viewing a task.
  • We have fixed the highlighting of symbols - / + and the Show button even when highlighting in the values ​​of the hierarchical dictionary.
  • We have fixed the display of elements in the Internet Explorer browser:
      • period selection window when creating an invoice
      • font colors of fields on the form for adding / viewing a task
  • We have fixed the display of the values ​​of hierarchical references depending on the use of references in controls.
  • We have fixed the left indents for the values ​​of the third level of the hierarchical reference - now all indents on all sublevels of the hierarchical reference are the same.
  • Now, in the Billing section, when returning to the context menu from the account deletion window, the menu is not rebuilt.
  • We have corrected the color of the Subject field when sending an email in a group mailing.
  • We fixed the display of the flag for the default values ​​in filters and combo boxes on the form for adding / viewing invoices in the Billing section.
  • Now the Save button is not displayed on the billing rule view form if you do not have permission to edit the rules.
  • We've fixed the window for selecting a template for creating a document in the case card at low screen resolution.
  • We've fixed vertical scrolling in the Objects, Client Forms and Registries sections after returning to the sections from the constructor.
  • If you have not changed the data on the form for providing access to the report, the Save button is inactive.
  • We've fixed the work of the timer with a previously added time when viewing an event and task:
      • recorded time is not reset
      • the timer on the AI ​​panel of the assistant coincides with the running timer for the activity.
  • Now the block with the stages of the case in the case card is displayed proportionally for any width of the browser window.
  • Now the search for solutions in the knowledge base is performed on all attributes of the solution.
  • We've fixed the display of the chart in standard reports.


Bugs and Fixes

  • Now, when the automation script is executed, the Dictionary - Tax type field in the object card will be filled with the second level value that was selected in the automation script.
  • Now you can open the System sections in the Administration module without refreshing the page.
  • We have corrected the highlighting color of the Object field in the Wait operator if the Action field is not filled.


In case you do not have to view a huge list of tasks in the GET /api/v2/tasks method, we have added the ResponsibleId parameter to filter tasks by responsible person. Enter the GUID of a user or group in it to view tasks assigned to a specific user or user group. Only those tasks will be returned in which at least one responsible user or group has the same GUID.

We have fixed the PATCH /api/v2/objects/{id} method:

  • before: if the object card has a Formula field with an empty value and a selected formula, then when a request was sent to write a value to any other field, the formula was reset to manual input.
  • now: the selection in the Formula field is not cleared, the result of the formula is calculated based on the submitted value.

Now you can manage custom fields in task methods:

  • POST /api/v2/tasks

  • GET /api/v2/tasks/{id}

  • PUT /api/v2/tasks/{id}

Field values are passed through the custom field tag. If no tag is specified for a field, the Sistem use its id.


We've  fixed the response code when deleting a bound object to "404" in /api/v2/objects/ requests for all methods.