Version 58, Jule 2021



It is more convenient now to view the cases and custom object lists: you can set up sorting by one of the columns. By default, the list is sorted by the Creation date. See more: Setting cases list.



We help you answer emails faster. Therefore, when replying to an outgoing letter, the System automatically adds an email from the To field of an outbox letter to the To field.



Finding the cause of the error in the report has become easier. Now, if an error appears in the system report, you will see a message about it. The message allows you to download a file with report parameters and an error description. Just send the file to your manager or the support service - we will fix the error. See more: Requesting a system report.


Bugs and Fixes

  • We have fixed text fields displaying in Mozilla FireFox throughout
  • The first weekday in calendars matches your account settings in the Administration section.
  • Now your data will not be lost. We have fixed the bug of spontaneous case fields cleaning.
  • Now the Modified Date filters by the modified date, and not by the creation date, as it was before.
  • Now filtering in the Events and Cases sections save even if you logged out.
  • We have fixed the highlighting of the required field Folder name in the Select folder list of the Documents tab of the case.
  • We have removed the resizing of the Title column when adding a column with a long title to the cases list.
  • Now, when creating a task and a subtask for it, the timelogs of the subtasks are displayed in the task window.
  • We have fixed the error of displaying actions in a client request's field of the "Message" type.
  • Now you can select and copy the text in comments and messages.
  • We have fixed the error of responding to the letter by different users. Now such letters will not be lost and will appear in
  • We have gotten rid of re-adding a deleted email in the plugin for Chrome.
  • Now a file attached from Google Drive is displayed correctly in an email reply.
  • We have fixed the display of buttons on the report's top panel. All reports now display chatbot, timer, and AI panel buttons.
  • We have fixed the bug of unloading a report with filtering and the Report parameters sheet in the template.
  • Now, when downloading a report using a template, the formulas will not be changed.
  • We have fixed the bug by navigating from an anonymous client request to sections. Now, if an unauthorized user replaces the link of the client form with the address of any section, will redirect him to the authorization page.




In February, we added the Additional attributes block to the user and client cards with the fields configured by the administrator. Therefore, now the old block with the same name and fields Login, Password, Source is no longer needed - we have removed it.



Now you can customize the list of objects in the "Object" type custom field depending on the values ​​of other fields. See more: Creating fields.



  • We have returned links to the Name column of the objects list. Now, just click the object name in the list to open it.
  • Now you can add columns with fields from multistrings and multiblocks to the list. The values ​​of these fields are displayed in a comma-separated list.


Previously, all system emails were sent from, but workflow mailings were done from an authorized user's email. Now you can set up mailing from For more information, see How to set up sending an email from in scripts. See more: How to set up sending email from in workflows.


Task statuses

If you are not satisfied with the task statuses and their order, ask your administrator to change them. Now the administrator can independently configure the task statuses directory in the Administration - References section. The set statuses order will be used for the entire See more: How to set up task statuses.


Bugs and Fixes

  • Working with a workflow scheme becomes more convenient. We have fixed the bug that closed the expanded list on the side panel when clicked in the workflow area.
  • We have removed system fields displaying in the Object - Participant - Shared data list of a workflow scheme with the "Expect" operator.

  • We have fixed a workflow bug. Now the "Wait" operator acts until the trigger condition returns a value with a slow internet connection.

  • We have fixed the bug in a workflow execution that contains the "Wait" operator with the "Client request" type, creating a task and then editing any created object.

  • We have fixed the bug and removed the ability to change and save the obligatory field condition for users without editing rights to the object constructor.

  • We fixed the bug of deleting fields that were transferred from an existing block to a new one.

  • Now the Actions section displays all changes in case fields, tasks and events are displayed.





Now you can edit the Related cases block. We have added the PUT and GET methods that allow you to work with the Related cases block:

  • PUT ​/api​/RelatedObjects​/SaveRelatedObjects

  • PUT /api/RelatedObjects

  • GET /api/RelatedObjects

  • GET /api/RelatedObjects/GetRelatedObjects