Version 1.56


Set fields' requirements depending on the value of other fields in objects, cases, client forms, registries, and additional attributes. Select Depends on Conditions in the Required field and specify the conditions in the field below.


When cloning case types to another instance required field settings are transferred as follows:

  • A condition is transferred along with the values for fields format Number, Date, Formula, Dictionary, Boolean, Checkbox.
  • Just a condition is transferred with All value for other field formats.

We've added the ability to drag and drop fields between blocks.

See more: Create Fields.




We have improved filtering by date in custom reports. Now users receive data filtering by the date the report was generated and sent, not the date it was set up.




Operate with a workflow's scheme are more convenient now. Zoom in and out while viewing the scheme, and grab and drag the viewport. See more: Creating a Workflow.


We have improved the Go block:

  • To see on the block the transition is setting on, just press the operator - the block and the arrow to it will be highlighted.
  • To specify the block to go to, click aim_fr.png in the Destination Block field on the right panel, and select the block on the scheme.
  • You cannot add a block after the Go block if it is the last one on the scheme.

See more: Working with an "Go" Operator.


Additional attributes

Add additional attributes for users and clients in the Administration - Additional attributes section. See more: Create or delete a new set of additional attributes.

Additional user attributes appear in the Additional attributes block on the card and in the user profile. They can be used in reports and automation scripts.

See more:

Additional customer attributes appear in the Additional attributes block on the customer card, but they are not available in the customer profile or reports. See more: Creating a client.


Сonfigure user access to the Additional attributes block:

  • In the user or client card - add view or edit rights in the section Administration - Users - User card;
  • In the user's profile - add view or edit rights in the section Personal Account - Profile.

Get all additional user attributes through the API. Attributes are available by tag.

Please note we have removed the old Additional attributes block with the Login, Password, Source fields. The block was used to integrate with external systems.


Fixes and improvements

  • We have removed email notifications sending to blocked users.
  • We have corrected the layout of fields in the user and customer cards.
  • We have fixed delay by calendar days calculation with previous week dates in workflows.
  • A timer running in a case entity stops when deleting the case.
  • If cloning objects contain fields with the same tags, but with different cases, the objects are copied with the "N" suffix ​​added to the tag.
  • You can see the System Actions section displays detailed roles information if you have rights to the Work Information block.
  • If the filtering includes Boolean or Checkbox type fields, the saving changes dialog won't appear when switching the Parameters tab.
  • From today, you will find a member by email faster.
  • We have aligned the height of the Bet Type field in the invoice.
  • If data in a report is filtered by a field, but the field has been deleted in the System, the report will be generated without filtering.
  • If you remove a cost from an invoice, the remaining costs or activities belonging to the same case will be grouped by the case name.
  • If you imported an email from Outlook, the date and time it was received will be the same as the date and time the email was received in Outlook.
  • Now tables are transferred with borders to the letter sending form and to the letter template.
  • You can now use the keys when working with the user profile menu in the Main Menu. Use the arrows to move between items and Enter to select an item.
  • We removed the duplication of the comment field on the document view form.
  • From today you will see changing fields log in the events when adding a block/line with a Checkbox type field on the created tab.