Setting up email notifications

The system has two types of notifications: standard and custom.

Standard ones are sent by the system and always come, while custom ones come only when you subscribe to a specific case and have chosen the types of notifications you are interested in.

If the number of incoming emails seems excessive to you, you can easily configure event notifications in your personal account.

  1. In the main menu, click on the icon next to the user's first and last name and select the Notifications function.
  2. For events marked with a checkmark, you will receive notifications to the specified email.
  3. Uncheck the boxes for which you do not want to receive email notifications.

Standard includes the following types of notifications:

  • Granting or closing access to a case,
  • Appointment as responsible for a task or subtask,
  • System report request,
  • Other system events.

Custom notifications report the following events:

  • Creating a new case in the project,
  • Case synchronization error,
  • The approach of the court session,
  • Creating a task or approaching the deadline for its execution,
  • Closing a task or its expiration,
  • A change in a task or event,
  • Provision of an interim report.