Version 1.52

Videoconferences allows video conferencing on its servers. Video conferencing can be created in the event form. After creating a room, a link to this room is inserted in the "Videoconference" field, which consists of the domain of the video conference server and the name of the room.

After adding a video conference to an event, you can

  • follow the link – the room will open in a new browser tab.
  • create a link to a new video conference room.
  • delete the video conference room.

The video conferencing module can be connected in the "Applications" section.



Information about the script type.

Events now display information about the type of script and its name for data

  • Created by scripts on a schedule (including a script from a script on a schedule);
  • Created by a JS script launched from any context.

The script name.

If the script has been deleted, the "Script name (deleted)" message is displayed.

If another script is called from one script, the event displays the name of the parent script.




Now comments can be disliked. Pressing the icon again removes the mark (same as "Like"). One user can mark a comment both as liked and disliked.

Report on the number of marks. can now build a system report with information about the number of likes and dislikes for any comment.

Attachments to comments.

Now one can add attachments to comments and remove the comment that is not published yet. Attachments can be downloaded. When copying or merging a case, the comments are copied along with the attachments.


Copying objects

Now, a user can copy information from one instance to another. One can copy directories, roles, automation scripts, objects, and object types.


Other changes

  • Reference values ​​are now displayed with pagination to improve performance when working with references.
  • Searching for value now displays all the values ​​that match the search. When downloading a case/object card in PDF format, all fields of the block are displayed in the file. If the fields do not fit on one page, they are carried over to the next.
  • In a scenario with two "Wait" operators and a "Change" operator (from the second "Wait" condition object), deleting the first "Wait" operator does not reset the values ​​in the "Change" operator.
  • In a scenario with Wait and Modify operators (changing a field with a link to the Wait operator), adding a new Wait operator to the beginning of the script does not clear the link in the Edit operator.
  • The form for creating an event/task in the calendar opened with the "More" button, now closes after pressing the "Esc" key.
  • On the authorization page, when trying to enter without filling in the username and password, the message "Invalid email" is no longer displayed.
  • After the client has removed a member from the case, the client now navigates to the first available section for the client.
  • When changing the password in the user profile, the message "Password cannot be less than 6 characters" is now displayed if less than six characters were entered.
  • When you drag a case in the "All cases" section, the checkbox for other cases no longer disappears.
  • After changing the tariff or card, the dates in the "Non-working days" block are now saved.
  • In the "Links" block, the comment text is now saved after selecting a link from the list of links.
  • Information about API is available on request.