Version 1.50

System Log

The following types of actions are now available in the system:

  • View entity — events about viewing a case or folder with cases by a user or a client;
  • Export case — events about the export of the case;
  • Rule creation — events about creating a rule for automatic sending of reports and generating invoices;
  • Editing a rule — events about editing the rule for automatic sending of reports and the rule for automatic generation of invoices.
  • Rule deletion" — events about deleting a rule for automatic sending of reports and automatic generation of invoices.

New events in Add entity action:

  • creation of a participant, note, directory, bank account, transaction, account, new object (in the Administration section), client request;
  • adding a script for automation, payment.

New events in the Edit Entity action:

  • changing access rights to an object, project, folder;
  • editing the name of the company, organizational and legal form, company email, website and address, additional attributes of the organization, the Company field for a person, position, telephone, email, website, address and additional information, contacts, notes, workflows, additional attributes (in the Administration section), case numbering template, bank account, transaction, invoice, payment, object (in the Administration section), client request.

New events in the Delete entity action type: deleting a participant, note, automation, directory, bank account, transaction, invoice, payment, object (in the Administration section), client request.

New events in the Edit report action: change access to the report and move the report between folders.
New events in the Block and Unblock User action:

  • user blocking;
  • unlocking the user.

New events in the Edit group data action:

  • adding data in Automatic access to folders, projects, cases;
    data editing;
  • deletion of data.

The Print action now includes events about invoice printing.
The Account download action now includes events about account download.
The Send by email action now includes events about sending invoices by email.

Administrator authorization

Now administrators can enter the system using a special URL: https: // address / Adminlogin / Account / Login / # / login. However, users with a different role will not be able to log in with this URL.

Deleting cases and objects

Users can now delete cases and objects if they have access to this feature.