Version 1.43


  • Subtasks are visible in tasks lists.
  • Ability to drag & drop subtasks without reference to the parent task.
  • Added the ability to transition the parent task from the subtask form (popup).

Users and clients

  • Added the ability to view clients in the Users
  • The list of users and clients in the Users section is displayed in the table with the following information for each user or client: name, type (user or client), user group, status.
  • In the Users section, the following actions are available, depending on permissions: creating a client, creating a user, viewing and editing a user or client, deleting, blocking and unlocking a user or client.
  • Creating a client is possible without reference to a case.
  • The Type (User or Client) field has been added.
  • Customer information includes:
    • general information (similar to users);
    • list of cases in which the client participates.
  • User data includes a list of all users in the system
  • The ability to resend an invitation to users or clients previously Invited to the system.
  • New filters in the users and clients list:
    • by type: all, users, clients;
    • by group - all groups created in the system;
    • by status: all, invited, never logged in, logged in, blocked.


  • Now each practice area has 3 stages by default: Initial, Lost and Won.
  • The Cases age can now show all stages by practice area. When a new case is created, it is in the first stage by default. If there is only one stage, it is not displayed.
  • Stages can be removed from a practice area. When a stage is deleted, all content within this stage will move to the previous stage. If the deleted stage is the stage, then all content is transferred to the next stage.
  • Changing the order of the stages of the case is available. If the stage order is changed, the case will remains in the current stage.
  • Projects can now be selected depending on user permissions.


  • The ability to provide access to custom reports for a user or group of users has been added. The list of users to whom the report is available contains the following information:
    • username or group name;
    • rights: editing or viewing;
  • Access can be provided to custom reports folders for all or specific users when specifying rights: viewing, partial viewing or editing. It is not possible to manually specify permissions for Partial View


  • The Case field has been added to the email form, allowing user with Edit rights to select cases.If a case is selected from the list on the email form, a reference to the case will be sent to the recipient.
  • Added the possibility of create and send an email from the AI assistant's panel and also by using the hot key (M - eng, П - rus, W - fr).
  • When a participant receives event notification from in Outlook, the Outlook panel for adding an event to the calendar is displayed (may be / accept / decline).


  • Download a folder with documents using drag & drop or Download folder. When loading a folder, the folders structure (folder with all the folders and documents attached to it) is saved. Folder download is not available for external storage.
  • Using drag & drop the user is able to download several folders at the same time.