Version 1.42


  • The ability to enter comments is now available within the pop-up forms forasks, Subtasks, Events, Notes, Documents, and Projects.
  • By default the last 3 comments are displayed in the pop-up form, with a link to display any additional Comments.
  • View comments:
    • When viewing a comment, the author’s last and first names, the date of creation, the author’s initials and the comment text are displayed;
    • Comments are not viewable from within the Client Portal;
    • Only added Event Comments are viewable within the Company Feed.
  • Users will receive a Notification regarding any comment that includes their name preceded by the “@” symbol anywhere within the Comment (e.g. @John Doe)
  • Previous comments cannot be edited or deleted.

Administration > Default values

  • Now one create fields with default values in all constructors: types of cases, additional attributes (in events, documents, participants, tasks), client requests, registries, data blocks.
  • Default values can also be applied in multi-level dictionaries.


  • The ability to create a task from the event form has been added.


  • Ability to specify delays based upon working or calendar days when creating a trigger.
  • Workflows can be created based upon client requests. As a result of a workflow a client request status can be changed, notifications can be generated after creating/deleting the request or changing/editing request fields, and assignees can be chosen automatically.
  • The ability to set additional conditions by client requests in blocks has been added.

Client portal

  • External storage repositories (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) are not available to use for clients.


  • The calendar highlights weekends and holidays.
  • Case Assignee filter has been added. Therefore, all events of a selected assignee will be displayed in the calendar.
  • Now you can select an assignee in the smart calendar. So, the smart calendar will display events and tasks related to the cases of which the selected user is responsible.


  • Added API method to send data to SalesMachine.
  • API requests api/Calendar/GetCalendarEvents and /api/Calendar/GetGroupedCalendarEvents, where the case ID and the case name are transferred, were updated.
  • Grouping by task completion date was added to the GetGroupedTask method.

Practice Area

  • Now you can create a folder structure when creating the case type.
  • The ability to create, delete and rename a folder were added.


  • When creating a case, the folder structure that was created for the specified type of case will automatically be added in document`s list.

Account Settings

  • Specify working days and holidays.
  • Specify holidays (days and/or period) in the system date format.


  • Multi-level dictionaries are now available.
  • When filtering cases by dictionary fields, only final values of dictionary levels are displayed.


  • The security settings for Commenting on a case, a project and a folder have been modified. Users are assigned the View permission instead of the Commenting

Work through Active Directory

  • Notifications for unauthorized users were added:
  • Sending email notification when registering a user: "Welcome to CASE.PRO / CASE.ONE. You have been granted access to the legal management service CASE.PRO / CASE.ONE. Your login: [email user]".