Creating a Workflow

Automation scripts allow the administrator to configure automatic population of fields, creation of tasks, events or notifications, when users perform certain actions in the system. A new script will automatically be activated in the system.


    1. On the left sidebar, open the ADMINISTRATION section.
    2. Select WORKFLOWS.
    3. Click on the Plus button in the lower right corner of the screen.
    4. Select Workflow.
    5. In the New Workflow pop-up window, specify the name and a brief description.
    6. Click the Create button.
    7. Click on the plus in the middle of the page to start building a script chain.
    8. In the right-hand panel, specify the expected action:
      • Create
      • Delete
      • Edit
      • Field filling.
      Note: you can create several expected actions.
    9. Select a type.
    10. If necessary, add a description of the action.
    11. Add trigger conditions - there may be an unlimited number of triggers.


    12. Click on the plus to set the trigger result:
      • Notify — specify the message for notification, recipients and frequency.
      • Create (event or task) — select what you event or task you want to create and specify additional parameters: name, type, general information and triggering delay.
        Note: when creating a task, you can specify several responsible persons.
      • Fill — select the object, the field to be filled in and the triggering delay.
      • Script — integrate the script with external systems using JavaScript.
    13. You can create an unlimited number of script response results. All of them will be triggered one after another, depending on the specified parameters.
    14. Select the response time of the script — immediately, with a delay or specific date.
    15. In the Delay field, enter the number of days.
    16. From the drop-down list Delay Options select the option: Use calendar days or Use working days.
    17. Click on the Save button.


Tip. To navigate the workflow scheme quickly:

  • Zoom the scheme using the buttons on the lower left (you can also use the mouse wheel + Ctrl for Windows and Cmd for Mac).
  • To return to the beginning of the scheme, click begining_fr.png button on the lower left.
  • To move the scheme on the screen, drag the sсheme clicking in a free area outside and move.