Email Templates & Email Signatures


Email templates are excellent tools for any firm and can help a team to be more productive. Using email templates you can maintain your law firm voice in every communication with client, reduce or eliminate the human error, and increase the productivity by being able to send the same message time and time again without the need to write and check it every time. 


Access Email Templates in

In order to access the email templates in, all you need to do is to log into your instance and click on the user profile in the bottom left corner of the screen, and click on Email Templates.



How to Create Email Templates in ?


  1. In the left navigation menu on the bottom right, click on your Profile Name.
  2. In the left menu, select the Email Templates
  3. Click on the plus circle on the right side of the screen to Add Email Template.  

In the new window you can easily draft your new email template. You can name your email templates and provide a Subject and even Add File to it. In this window, you will have access to standard drafting presets such as Bold, Italics, Numbering, Images, and even Tokens. Using the formatting features, law firms can easily create their firm signature and add links to their websites.


What is a Token ?

A token is a useful feature that allows you to get a piece of information from your instance and use it in an email template.  Here is the list of the available Tokens in


{{Project_Participant_Individual_FirstName}}  First Name

{{Project_Participant_Individual_LastName}}  Last Name

{{Project_Participant_Name}}  Full Name

{{Project_Participant_Organization}} Company Name

{{Project_Participant_Address}}  Address

{{Project_Participant_ContactDetail_Email}}  Email

{{Project_Participant_ContactDetail_Phone}}  Phone Number

{{Project_Name}}  Case Name

{{Project_Number}}  Case Number

{{Project_CreationDate}}  Case Create Date

{{Project_CloseDate}}  Case Close Date

{{InstanceAddressURL}}  Instance Address

{{RegistrationLink}}  Registration Link



How to create an email signature in ?