Version 1.40

Company Feed

  • Adds ability to filter Events by Event Type.  
  • Changes made to a Summary Sheet are now noted in the Company Feed.  See below.


    Click on the entry to show detail of changes.



  • Users can now set Event notification reminders.  The Event creator and all guests will receive the notification.  You can set multiple reminders for an Event.  For example, you can set a reminder for 1 day before and another for 30 minutes before.


  • Adds ability to assign more than one person to a task.
  • Adds ability to create additional fields for Tasks.  These fields are created in Administration > Additional Attributes > New Attributes > Select type > Tasks

    Note:  the additional fields are linked to a Task Type.  In the example below these fields are linked to a task for Document Prep.


Time Slips

  • The Time Slip form has been updated to include "Description."  Complete this field to post an open description to the invoice.


Summary Sheet

  • Calculations are now completed on-the-fly.  Previously a User had to save formula data before the calculation would be done.  This has changed, so now calculations are done as soon as data are entered into formula fields in the Summary Sheet.


  • Adds ability to categorize Expenses by Expense Type and Expense Code. These categories can be defined by going to Administration > Dictionaries > Expense Type or Expense Code

    Note:  Expense Code is a required field.


  • Adds ability to sort services/cost data by date, earliest to latest or latest to earliest, on the invoice.
  • Payments can be split between multiple cases on an invoice.  Payments can be distributed by case.
  • Updated permissions so "Payment option" is reserved to Users with Administrator/Edit rights for Billing.

Client Portal

  • Clients no longer have visibility to services or costs that have not been billed.  They will see only those items applied to the invoice.
  • Updated permissions so Clients only have "View" rights to the invoice.


  • Adds ability to create folders for reports.  You'll notice that the we've created a folder for our standard reports.
  • You now have the ability to email reports automatically. Open the report, click on Parameters, and scroll down to set Email Schedule.  Fill out the Sending Rule as shown below. 


Bank Account

  • Added the ability to filter transactions by:  Date, Client, Case, and Transaction type.



  • Adds API versioning.  Currently support two versions of the API.
  • Adds ability to use the API without PUT and DELETE.
  • Adds ability to send logs to FTP server.  You can set schedule and filter Events by date and type.