Using System Tags for Templates

To create a template, you may want to use System tags.  System tags are used for the fields in the Summary block of a Summary Sheet or the top block (referred to as a System block) of a Contact Card for either a Person or Company (Organization). 

Note: you must use the following syntax when adding a tag to a template:   <#field TagName #>

Example:  <#field Project_Name #>

Tags for the Summary Block of a Summary Sheet

Name of the project ProjectGroup_Name    

Case Practice Area Project_ProjectType_Name  

Name of the case Project_Name   

Assignee (Responsible Attorney)  Project_Responsible   

Billable Client Billable_Client

Tags for System Block of Contact Card - Person

Participant name Project_Participant_Name   

First name of participant Project_Participant_Individual_FirstName

Last name of participant Project_Participant_Individual_LastName   

Organization of participant Project_Participant_Individual_Organization

Participant Job Title Project_Participant_Type_Name   

Participant role in the case Project_ParticipantProject_Role_Name   

Work phone of participant Project_Participant_Individual_ContactDetail_WorkPhone   

Email of participant Project_Participant_Individual_ContactDetail_Email

Address of participant Project_Participant_Individual_Address

Tags for System Block of Contact Card - Organization/Company

Company Name Project_Participant_Company_Participants_ShortOrganization   

Phone Project_Participant_Company_ContactDetail_WorkPhone   

Email Project_Participant_Company_ContactDetail_Email   

Website Project_Participant_Company_ContactDetail_Site   

Address Project_Participant_Company_Address