Amazon Alexa Commands

What commands do I use if I want to…

…create a task?
“Alexa, ask to create a task"
“Alexa, ask to create task (task name)”

…add an activity?
“Alexa, ask to add an activity"
“Alexa, ask to add activity (activity name)" 

…to create a note?
“Alexa, ask to create a note"
“Alexa, ask to create note (note name)"

…to list your tasks?
“Alexa, ask about my tasks for today”
“Alexa, ask about my tasks for tomorrow” 

…for a daily report
“Alexa, ask for a daily report”
“Alexa, ask what happened today”

…to start a timer?
“Alexa, ask to start a timer"

…add something to a case?
Step 1
“Alexa ask to open the case (case name)"

Step 2
“Ask to add task (task name)"
“Ask to add activity (activity name)"
“Ask to add note (note name)"
“Ask to bill (name) for duration”
“Ask to start timer”