Version 1.38


  • Adds summary block to the Expenses tab and the Time tab in case card. 
  • Adds ability to define the type for the expenses and time slips: billable or unbillable. 
  • Adds a filter by status for expenses and time slips. 
  • Adds ability to set time format display. This can be set up in Administration. 
  • Adds ability to define the amount (before taxes and discounts) of the expense and time slips in the bill. 
  • Adds ability to download bills in LEDES format. 
  • Adds new billing tags for expenses and time slips to be used for invoice generation.
  • Corrects the display of all money values in the system.



  • Adds ability to display types of time log and expenses in custom reports. 
  • Adds ability to filter data by status in standard reports.
  • Adds ability to include the values from the Amount column in the bill into reports. 
  • Adds ability to download standard reports in the CSV and XLSX formats.
  • Time in reports is now diplayed depending on the time format set in the system. 
  • All money values are now displayed with two decimals in reports. 
  • Date and time in the report is now diplayed considering user's time zone. 



  • Improves events description in the feed.  



  • Adds two-way synchronization of events in Case.One calendar and Google Calendar.



  • Dropbox issue with folders duplication has been resolved.



  • Adds ability to connect Outlook plugin.
  • Total number of users now doesn't include clients.
  • Adds main menu scroll. 
  • Adds ability to delete Practice Area.  
  • Adds bcc function to emails. The list of recipients is now hidden in case of batch emailing. 
  • Improves the display of case card tabs. 
  • Improves billing terminology. Activity type has been renamed to Billing Code, Activity has been renamed to Time Slip. 



  • Optimized feed capacity.
  • Optimized the process of automated sharing of large bulk of data. 
  • Optimized dictionaries list in bootstrap.
  • Optimized the user's list of cases and projects in Administration. 
  • Optimized the process of real time case synchronization with Casebook.