Jump to another block


The Go To block allows you to jump to any block within a single workflow.

  1. Click add_block_fr.jpg button on the workflow scheme and select Go To.
  2. The block is added and the settings panel appears on the right. Enter the description for the block on the right panel.
  3. Specify the block where to jump:
    - click in the Destination Block field and select a block from the list;
    - or press aim_fr.png in the Destination Block field and select a block on the workflow scheme.
  4. Click the Save button.

The transition to another script block is configured. Press the block on the scheme to see where it jumps  - the destination block and the arrow to it is highlighted.





  1. If the block the script goes does not work, the block is skipped, the script continues to run further.
  2. If no jump is configured, the Go To block is skipped.
  3. If the Go To block is the last on the scheme, you cannot add a block after it.
  4. A parameter has been added to the database that is responsible for the number of times the Go To block is executed in order to avoid looping the script. The default number is 10. If the execution count is exceeded, the script stops executing until the next run.