Version 1.55


  • We have expanded the list of rights in the "Objects" - "Tasks" section. Now you can choose:
    • View own;
    • View all;
    • Create;
    • Edit own;
    • Edit all;
    • Delete own;
    • Delete all.
  • If you select the "Create" rights, "View yours" and "Edit only yours" rights will be automatically added.
    If you select the "Delete All" rights, the "View yours", "View all", "Delete yours" rights will be automatically added.
  • We have added the "Change case stage" rights in the "Objects" - "Object actions" section. You may use new rights to change the stage manually only. The rights are not available to clients. If the "Object actions" section is disabled in the database, the change case stage rights are not checked.


We've added an automatic check for duplicates in tags:

  • If fields with identical tags are found transferring object fields, the "_N" suffix will be added to the tags. N is an integer starting from 1.
  • If "tag_N" is present among the target instance fields, the N value will be incremented by 1 and rechecked. If no matches are found, the tag value is stored in the field.
  • Tags are not changed for the "Embedded Code" format field and the "Calculation Formulas" directory.
  • After case types migrating, you will be notified that suffixes have been added to field tags.


Delete the entire block and/or line at once, and not change the array of values for each field. Use the PATCH/api/v2/objects/{id} method, you can now . See more: API. Editing an Object.


We have added the "Availability Conditions" section to the manual workflow settings. Specify the conditions the workflow is available. Set conditions for:

  • Business fields;
  • User;
  • User roles;
  • User groups.

After editing the object card, only workflows that meet the conditions are displayed. When you delete a field or a directory value that is used in the condition, you will get a notification with a link to the workflow.

See more: Manual Workflow Settings.

Other changes

  • Choosing a date from the calendar on the event form, the names of the months are aligned to the left
  • We have fixed the multiple letters sending. When the Portuguese language is enabled, the form for creating a letter opens on the instance.
  • The "Status" filter values ​​in the "Workflow" section are displayed on hover.
  • When editing the name of a collection in the knowledge base, a duplicate is not created in the list.
  • After deleting a collection from the knowledge base and refreshing the page, the deleted collection does not appear in the list.
  • We have changed the text of the notification when you enter more than 350 characters in the "Short description" field on the client request form: "{Field name} should not contain more than 350 characters".
  • After opening the task/event form from the tasks/events list in the calendar, the list is automatically collapsed.
  • We have fixed the display of case name/time for an event and a task on the calendar.
  • When you drag a file over 100MB, just one notification is displayed.
  • After changing the full name format, the workflow with filtering by the user works correctly.
  • When a non-existent user is received through the public API, a "404" response is returned.
  • Line breaks are taken into account when sending a letter from Gmail to Yandex.
  • Work of full-text search by a deleted block value is fixed. A client request with a deleted block is no longer displayed in search results.
  • A blocked or deleted user is instantly redirected to the authorization page.