We have added several new features and enhancements and many new improvements to Case.one this month.  

Hot Keys

Hot Keys - "C", "E", "N", "O", "P", "T"

Now from anywhere in the program you can use a hot key to open one of several program features.  Using hot keys will help you be more efficient and productive.  Here is the list:

  1. Add a new Case.
    Press "C"

  2. Add an Event
    Press "E"

  3. Add a Note
    Press "N"

  4. Add a Organization (Company)
    Press "O"

  5. Add a Person (Party to a case)
    Press "P"

  6. Add a Task
    Press "T"


Collapsing the Summary Sheet

To allow easier navigation while viewing data in a Summary Sheet, you can now collapse the data blocks so  it's easier to scroll through the Summary Sheet.  

  1. Click on pointer to collapse the data block.
  2. Click the pointer to open the data block to display fields and data.



Preview Documents in case.one with Box.com Integration

You can now preview documents that have been uploaded to Case.one by integrating with Box.com.  You must be an Administrator in Case.one and have a Box.com account to enable the integration.  The preview works only with documents that have been uploaded and are saved directly into Case.one and not documents that are linked from outside document storage services.

  1. Log in to Case.one as an Administrator.  In the Main Menu click on ADMINISTRATION.  In the ADMINISTRATION menu click on APPLICATIONS.   Click on ENABLE.  Enter credentials for Box.com as prompted.
  2. Once enabled you can preview documents within Case.one.   Simply select the document then click on the ellipse "•••" and select Preview from the drop-down list.  The document will open and you will be able to preview it.








  • You can take a Note without linking it to a case.
  • Now you can add time to any Note.
  • Use tenths to bill time. 
  • You can now send invoices in batches . . . so you don't have to do each invoice separately.
  • A Summary sheet is automatically added to any batch invoices that are created for a client.
  • A client can now create a task in the Client Portal.



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