Hot Keys - "C", "E", "N", "O", "P", "T"

In you can use several "hot" keys to quickly launch program features.  These keys work from anywhere within the program and will help you work quickly and efficiently.

  1. Add a new Case.
    Press "C"

  2. Add an Event
    Press "E"

  3. Add a Note
    Press "N"
  4. Add a Organization (Company)
    Press "O"

  5. Add a Person (Party to a case)
    Press "P"

  6. Add a Task
    Press "T"

Use case:  

While in working on Miller v. Barnes you receive a call from another client.  The client wishes to discuss his case. You can simply enter "N" to open a new Notes window.  Make your notes and assign to correct case without ever having to leave the case you were working on.

Note:  This call was billed for 30 minutes.  This time entry will automatically appear on the Time Sheet for the appropriate case.