Adding a task....choose your own name.

When you add a new task to a case you will have to name it.  Normally, you will choose a name from the drop-down list.  But there may be times when you have to add a unique name.  However, remember picking from a list is a sure way to ensure efficiency, consistency, accuracy.  If you would like custom lists please contact Client Services.

Naming a Task

  1. Open a new task window by clicking on the + button on the TASKS window.  The New task window will appear.


  2. Click on Task name to show the drop-down list.  


  3. Place your cursor on Task name and enter the new name.  In this case it's "Meet with Client Family."  Click out of the field. 

Note:DO NOT press <Return>.  Pressing <Return> will select a name from the drop-down list.

  1. Complete filling out the task window.  Click ADD to save the task.