Setting Up Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular file sharing and storage app. You can visit their website or search online for more details about the program. connects seamlessly with Dropbox to allow file sharing and storage directly within   This allows you to keep your documents organized and secure for each of your cases.

How it works?

After connecting to Dropbox you will see a folder in your Dropbox application.  In the folder there will be a folder for each case.  Documents can be added to the case folder and they will appear in the Documents tab in

Setting up Dropbox

NOTE:  To enable Dropbox you must have a Dropbox account.  And, integration requires you to log in as an Administrator. 

  1. Log in to as an Administrator.  
  2. In the Main Menu on the Home Page click on ADMINISTRATION.


  3. Click on APPLICATIONS.


  4. Find the Dropbox app.  Click on CONNECT.


  5. Click on Allow to complete the connection. 

  6. Once enabled you will see a Dropbox folder in the DOCUMENTS tab for each case.


  7. Click on the Dropbox icon to open and access documents.  Click on options menu '•••' to view, edit, delete the document.