Scanning to Dropbox with Your iOS Device

Need to scan a document to  You can with Dropbox enabled and the Dropbox app on your iOS device.  Documents can be up to 10 pages long.  Desktop scanners also can scan directly to Dropbox; see your owner's manual for procedure.


1.  Secure a Dropbox account.
2.  Enable Dropbox in; see this article:  Setting Up Dropbox
3.  Download the Dropbox app from the Apple App Store.

Scanning to

1.  After fulfilling the requirements listed above, find the Dropbox icon on your iOS device and tap to open it.


2.  Click + and select Scan Document.


3.  Use the camera option to take a picture of the document, page-by-page. Documents can be up to 10 pages long. Click Next to continue.



4.  Choose a location to save file.  Then, click Save to upload the document.  The file can be renamed before uploading.


5.  The scanned document is now available for viewing in the case file / documents tab.