How to Represent a Write-off

Applying a Discount to an Invoice

There may be times when you need to zero out or mark an invoice as paid.  Writing off a balance may help you avoid having an invoice marked as partially paid or overdue when you will not be collecting the remaining funds. You can accomplish this by utilizing the Discount option on the invoice.

Create a Write-off

  1. From the main navigation menu on the left click on CASES
  2. Find the case that contains the invoice with the balance you'd like to write off.  Click on its Case Name to open it.
  3. Click on INVOICES.


  4. Locate the invoice and click on its ID number to open it.


  5. When the Invoice opens click on the drop down arrow next to Discount.  Set the Discount type, either Number or Percent and the Discount amount  Click SAVE when done.  (In this example we are setting a 100 Percent discount.)

  6. In the Billed section of the invoice the new total is displayed based on what was written off.  In our example the new total is $0 because we used a 100% discount.  Click SAVE to continue.