Managing Your Subscription Plan

Our subscription plans are designed to match your business model...allowing for adjustments as your business expands and contracts.  You must be an Administrator to change plans.

Managing Your Subscription Plan:

Note: with any of our Subscription Plans you are only charged for cases that you have updated during the billing period.  Cases do not have to be archived if inactive, they can remain "active" and you will not be charged as long as you have not updated them.

  1. From the main navigation menu on the left click on ADMINISTRATION.  
  2. Make sure you are on the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page.sub1.png

  3. Click on Change Plan.  Select plan that fits your business best.  Plans are either "Pay as you go" at $0.99 per active case or a "Package" deal.  Package deals can be billed monthly or annual.  Select the plan that is best suited for you.


  4. If you have to enter a credit card, click on 'Set up a card' and fill in the form.  Once completed click SAVE.  Your credit card info is encrypted and secure.


  5. Once changed you will note the description of the new plan.  Your plan stats are also displayed as highlighted below.