Using the Client Portal

The Client Portal is a secure webpage where you can manage interactions with your clients.  Clients ONLY have access to those cases where you have granted them permission.  In the Client Portal the client will be able to:

  • view the case data
  • view tasks and use them to download case documents
  • view and download invoices
  • update personal information, including log in password

Using the Portal

  1. When the client logs into the Client Portal they will see all the cases they have access to.  Clicking on the Case name will open the case and display all data in View Only mode.  The data will include the Reference Sheet, Feed, Participants, Tasks, Documents, Time Sheet, Expenses and Invoices.


  2. Clicking on TASKS will display all the tasks that are associated with the case.  The client will be able to download attached documents to review and sign.


  3. Clicking on INVOICES will display all invoices associated with the case, including drafts, those submitted for approval, awaiting approval and paid.  Once open the client can download the invoice to resubmit with payment.


  4. Clicking on PERSONAL will display the client's bio-data and password reset option.  The client should update information as needed and set a strong password.  We recommend 8 characters with two capital letter, two numbers, and two symbols.