Sending and Receiving Emails

Our email integration allows you to send and receive emails in  Emails are stored by case.  Emails are sent and received and stored in the Case Feed. 

  1. From the main navigation menu on the left click on CASES.  
  2. Open the case by clicking on the case name.
  3. Click on the FEED tab in the top panel menu.
  4. Click on the + button at the bottom right corner of the window and select Send Email.

    Note:  you can open a new timer to record time spent emailing by clicking the timer icon at the top of the page.

  5. A New Email window will open.  Fill in the 'To,' 'Subject,' and 'Message.'  If needed you can attach a file.  Press SEND when complete.

    The sent email now appears in the Case Feed.

    When the client responds the reply will be in the Case Feed too.


  6. To reply to or delete an email click on it to open it.  Then, click on the ellipse '•••' in the upper right corner of the window and select Reply or Delete