Working with Timers

Timers can be started by clicking on the Timer icon at the top of any page to make it easy and efficient to accurately capture time.  You can run a timer, then pause it when interrupted, start another one for a different activity, and come back to the original timer later.

Starting a New Timer

NOTE:  If there is a timer running when you start a new one, the timer started first will be stopped. Also, the running timer will stop at the end of a calendar day.

  1. From any page click the Calendar icon in the right-hand top corner.
  2. Click Start a new timer.
  3. To pause the timer, click the clock icon in the top right. To resume the timer for the current event, click the button again.
  4. In the window that opens, fill in the required field: Case name and Event type.
  5. If required, add a description or adjust the time tracked.
  6. To complete the process, click ADD.

Note:Date and time will be filled automatically, but you can change them manually.


Viewing Time Recorded

You can view how much time you and your coworkers or other users spent on events, documents and tasks while working on a case.

  1. From the Main Menu click on CASES.  
  2. Open the case by clicking on the case name.
  3. Go to the TIME SHEET tab in the panel menu above.

Note:For each event, it shows the total time spent by users that worked on a given event, task, or document.


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