Create an Invoice allows you to track your time and expenses and easily generate an invoice to send to your client with just a few clicks.   This section is not designed to cover the topic completely – see the Knowledge Base for more in depth review.


Before you run an invoice, you should ensure that you have an invoice template set up for your firm.  Also, make sure you have a Billable Client designated for the case.  Complete the Billable Client field on the Reference Sheet for the case.

Creating an Invoice

  1. From the main navigation menu click on CASES.  
  2. Open the case by clicking on the case name.
  3. Click on the INVOICES tab in the panel menu above.
  4. Click on the + button in the bottom right to create the invoice draft. The invoice will be created with the next available ID number.

Note: Invoices can only be created if there are expenses or billable time allocated to the case. You may check this my going to the TIME SHEET and EXPENSES tabs in the panel menu of a case.


Reviewing an Invoice

  1. From the Main Menu click on CASES.  
  2. Open the case by clicking on the case name.
  3. Go to the INVOICES tab.
  4. Click on the ID number of the invoice to open the invoice draft.
  5. Uncheck any items that you do not wish to bill on this invoice.
  6. Preview invoice; select appropriate invoice template.
  7. When correct select the download button. The invoice can be further edited as a Word doc if necessary.  Submit invoice to the client.
  8. Mark the Bill Status – Awaiting Payment.


Accepting and Recording Payment

  1. Click on BILLING in the main navigation menu.
  2. Open the invoice that you want to record payment for by clicking on its ID number.
  3. Click on RECORD PAYMENT.
  4. Enter the Source and Destination.  Adjust amount paid if necessary.
  5. Mark the invoice as Paid and refresh the page.




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