Add Users and Assign Roles

You can add as many users as want to the program.  When you create a new user you will want to assign an appropriate role as well.  Role-based assignments are important in keeping your firm running smoothly.

Add a User

  1. From the Main Menu click on ADMINISTRATION.
  2. Click on USERS.
  3. Click on New user.
  4. Complete the Personal data block.

    Note:  DO NOT enter data into the External ID field.

  5. Check that all data are correct and press Create.
  6. The user will receive an email notifying they have been added to the system. The new user should follow prompts to create their unique password. 


Assign a Role

  1. Click on user’s name.
  2. In the Roles section, click on Add role.
  3. Select role from drop-down list.


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