Review Administrator Role and Create New Roles

If you are the owner of the account you are automatically set up as an Administrator.   This means that you have full rights to view, add, edit and delete data in the program.  You can also make assignments to roles and groups for other users.

Administrator Role

  1. In the Main Menu click on ADMINISTRATION.
  2. Click on ROLES.
  3. Click on Administrator.
  4. Review the information in the General Info column.

    Note: the Administrator has access to all data and access to all sections.   Sections Include Reports, Billing, Administration, and the Account.   View, create, edit, delete options are fully assigned.

    Also, we do not recommend changing the access scope for the account Administrator as there will be consequences when setting up other Users.


Creating a New Role

You will not want everyone in your firm to have full Administrator rights.  Different roles can be set up for employees with appropriate access to the data and then assigned in his or her profile.  For example, you could create a role called Office Manager without access to billing data and then assign that role to the appropriate user.

  1. In the ADMINISTRATION menu click on ROLES.
  2. Click on New Role.
  3. Enter the Role Name and brief description; click Add.
  4. Set Access to data to “Only the data to which access is granted”
  5. Check mark the sections for access BUT also set scope of permissions by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to View. Permissions may include editing, creating and deleting.