How to Set Your Own "Document Type" List

In, when you add a document to a case you have the option to select a 'type' to categorize it properly.  Categorizing a document by 'type' allows you to keep your documents organized and easy to retrieve.  Document types may include:  motions, pleadings, Court forms, medical records, etc., etc.  The list can be as long as needed.

Note:  you must log in as an Administrator to update the Document Type List.

Setting Document Type

  1. From the Main Menu click on ADMINISTRATION.
  2. In the menu list click on DICTIONARIES.
  3. Search the list for Documents type (note 's' on Document.)
  4. In the right-hand window enter new values as needed.


  5. To delete an item first select the"•••" icon for the item you wish to delete.


  6. Select Delete to remove the item from the list.

  7. Now, when you add a document to a case you can choose its correct type.