Integration with Microsoft OneDrive

Integration allows you work with documents laid out in your OneDrive directly from You can connect only one OneDrive account to the system. To connect another account, you will need to disable integration and reconnect.

  1. From the main navigation menu on the left click on ADMINISTRATION.  
  2. Select the Applications item.
  3. In the External Data block, click the Connect button next to Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. To integrate the two systems, enter your Microsoft email account, password, and click the Login button.
  5. Confirm the data request from by clicking the Allow button or cancel the action by clicking the Cancel button.
  6. After connecting the account, your OneDrive will automatically create a folder structure, similar to
  7. After integration, a folder with OneDrive icon will appear in each folder with the files containing the required documents.
  8. To disable integration, in the External Data block, click the Disable button next to OneDrive.