Viewing and filtering the task list

View tasks

All tasks and subtasks are stored in the case card, and they can also be viewed in the Tasks section of the main menu.

Tasks in all lists are displayed in a hierarchy: for each task, you can collapse or show a list of nested ones. To expand the list of subtasks, click the arrow button to the left of the task name.


The list of tasks and subtasks is displayed taking into account access rights. If the parent task is not available to you, then the subtask is displayed at the first level.

You can also view tasks in kanban. Read more: Kanban board.

Grouping tasks

You can group tasks by:

  • assegnee
  • object
  • due date
  • object type

To group tasks in a list:

  1. Click the Group button on the filter bar.
  2. Select the type of grouping. If you want to remove the grouping, select None.

If you have grouped tasks, then they will be displayed in groups without regard to the hierarchy - it is not available to view nested tasks.

Sorting tasks

You can sort tasks by each column of the list. To do this, click the name of the column. To sort the task in reverse order, press the name again.


To cancel sorting, click the Reset button on the upper right.

Filtering tasks

To search for the task, set filters:

  • status
  • project
  • case
  • user
  • due date
  • date of creation
  • asegnee
  • branch office will generate a list of tasks that meet the specified conditions. The list is displayed without hierarchy (except for filtering by project or object), but taking into account sorting.


To set new parameters, click the Reset button and configure other filters.