Viewing and filtering the list of events

All changes in the cases recorded in the feed. In the case card there is a list of events for one particular case, and in the main menu there is a single feed for all cases. In order to quickly find the right event or group of events, use filters.

  1. From the main navigation menu on the left click on COMPANY FEED.  
  2. Sort by Creation date or Event date.
  3. Select the wanted filters: name of the project or case, type of an event, assignee, recent changes (date of last changes), events (date of creation), case type or event type (billing code).
  4. The system will generate a list of all the events that fit the given conditions.
  5. To set new parameters click the Reset button and configure other filters.
  6. Click on the event line to see more details.
  7. Go to the case card by clicking on the name of the case in the feed.


New events itself checks whether new events appear, taking into account the filters you have installed. If events have appeared, the New Events button is appear on the page. Click the button to show the events in the feed.