List of tags for creating invoice templates

To prepare a template file, you need to draft a document in Word with the elements you need: caps and footer, as well register the necessary tags from this list by going into the Developer mode. (The instruction to launch the Developer mode in Word- is reference to a link)

After switching to this mode, add to your sample form the corresponding field tags from the list below, which you want to display in the invoices. For example, the name of the customer (Bill_Client_Name) and the amount of expenses (Bill_SubTota).

Please note that these tags must be places in the appropriate fields when creating case card blocks. This is necessary to ensure that the needed information is pulled into the document by template.

Client name Bill_Client_Name 

Organization and legal form Bill_Client_Opf   

Phone of client Bill_Client_phone   

Website of client Bill_Client_site   

Email of client Bill_Client_email   

Table part of the invoice Bill_Table

Invoice number Bill_Number   

Invoice creation date Bill_CreateDate   

Total amount Bill_Total

Discount Bill_Discount

Tax Bill_Tax

Subtotal Bill_SubTotal

“To pay” in text format Bill_Total_Letters

Tax in text format Bill_Tax_Letters

Date of payment Bill_DatePaid