List of tags for creating invoice templates

To prepare your template invoice, please utilize the below tags in the necessary sections of the invoice. Open your invoice document in Word and fill in the blanks using the proper syntax. 


For example, the name of the customer (Bill_Client_Name) and the amount of expenses (Bill_SubTotal).

Once your invoice template has been filled with tags, save and upload to your account. Future invoices will utilize your tags to auto-populate the necessary information to further simplify your billing process. 

Note: you must use the following syntax when adding a tag to a template:  <#field TagName #>

Example:  <#field Activity_Rate #>


Date of time entry/log Activity_Date  

Billing code/Activity Activity_Type

Quantity (time) in hours and minutes Activity_Quantity

Quantity (time) in decimals Activity_Quantity_Dec

Rate Activity_Rate

User initials Activity_Initial

Total (rate * quantity) Activity_Amount

Line item discount Activity_Discount

User Activity_User

Possible values: Event, Task, Document or"-" if not bound to any object Activity_Entity

Possible values: Event name, Task name, Document name or "-" if not bound to any object Activity_Entity_Name

Possible values: Event description, Task description, Document or "-" if not bound to any object Activity_Entity_Description

Returns an actual description from task or event logged Entity_Description

Case number Activity_CaseNumber

Case name Activity_CaseName

Fixed Rate Activity_Rate 

Line item time slip description Activity_Note

Description of events and tasks Activity_Description

Expense Description Activity_Entity_Description 

Total quantity of time slips Activity_Quantity_Total

Total quantity of time slips in decimals Total_Quantity_Total_Dec 

Time the activity was logged and created Activity_Time

Total quantity of time slips Activity_Quantity_Total

Total quantity of time slips in decimals Activity_Quantity_Total_Dec

Tax 1 Activity_Tax1

Tax 2 Activity_Tax2

Amounts including taxes and discounts for all time costs Activity_Subtotal

Amounts including tax, discounts and activities Activity_Total

Amount of payments by the trust account Amount_In_Trust

Client name Bill_Client_Name 

Organization and legal form Bill_Client_Opf   

Billable client company name Bill_Client_Company

Billable client address Bill_Client_Address

Phone of client Bill_Client_phone   

Website of client Bill_Client_site   

Client job title Bill_Client_JobTitle

Email of client Bill_Client_email   

Client tax ID Bill_Client_INN

Total for all time slips (including taxes) Bill_Activity_Total

Description of pre-bill Bill_Description

Amount of expenses Bill_SubTotal

Total for all expenses (including taxes) Bill_Expenses_Total

Total of tax 1 in the invoice Bill_Tax1

Total amount of tax 1 for time slips Bill_Activity_Tax1

Total amount of tax 1 for expenses Bill_Expenses_Tax1

Total amount of tax 2 in the invoice Bill_Tax2

Total amount of tax 2 for time slips Bill_Activity_Tax2

Total amount of tax 2 for expenses Bill_Expenses_Tax2

Total amount Bill_Total

Discount Bill_Discount

Amount with taxes and discount for all activities Bill_Activity_Total

Amount without taxes and discounts Bill_Amount

Total amount of tax in the invoice Bill_Tax

The total amount of taxes for time slips Bill_Activity_Tax

The total amount of taxes for expenses Bill_Expenses_Tax

Subtotal Bill_SubTotal

Total time slips excluding taxes and discounts Bill_Activity_Amount

Total expenses excluding taxes and discounts Bill_Expenses_Amount

“To pay” in text format Bill_Total_Letters

Tax in text format Bill_Tax_Letters

Date of payment Bill_DatePaid

Table part of the invoice Bill_Table

Invoice number Bill_Number   

Invoice creation date Bill_CreateDate

Current invoice number CurBill_Number

Invoice due date CurBill_DueOn

Invoice amount due CurBill_AmountDue

Sum of payments on invoice CurBill_Payment_Received

Amount due - payment received CurBill_BalanceDue

Amount of unpaid balance CurBill_OutstandingBalance



Date of expense Expenses_Date

Expense description Expenses_Description

User initials who logged the expense Expenses_Initial

Quantity of expenses Expenses_Quantity

Expense amount Expenses_Rate

Discount applied to the line item expense Expenses_Discount

Rate * quantity for expenses Expenses_Amount

Total of expenses including tax and discounts applied Expenses_Total

User name Expenses_User

Case number Expenses_CaseNumber

Case name Expenses_CaseName

Expense tax 1 Expenses_Tax1

Expense tax 2 Expenses_Tax2

Total for all costs Expenses_Subtotal

Outstanding balance of all invoices Outstanding_Balance

Outstanding balance of overdue invoices PastBill_OutstandingBalance

Past invoice number PastBill_Number

Past invoice due date PastBill_DueOn

Invoice amount PastBill_AmountDue

Sum of payments on past invoice PastBill_Payment_Received

Balance due (past due payment - payment received) PastBill_BalanceDue

Balance of all overdue bills PastBill_OutstandingBalance

Date of payment Payment_Date

Case for which payment was made Payment_Case

Description of payment Payment_Description

Payment amount Payment_Invoice_Payments

Balance after payment Payment_Balance

Payment amount for the account trust fund replenishment Payment_Deposit

Case name Project_Name

Case number Project_Number

Case description Project_Description

Case assignee Project_Responsible

Case creation date Project_CreationDate

Practice area Project_ProjectType_Name


Author Project_Participant_Author

Name Project_Participant_Name

Type of participant Project_Participant_Type_Name

Role of participant in the case Project_ParticipantProject_Role_Name

Date of creation Project_Participant_CreationDate

Last name Project_Participant_Individual_LastName

First name Project_Participant_Individual_FirstName

Middle name Project_Participant_Individual_MiddleName

Date of birth Project_Participant_Individual_DateOfBirth

Address Project_Participant_Individual_ContactDetail_Address

Company or organization Project_Participant_Individual_Organization

Phone number Project_Participant_Individual_ContactDetail_Phone

Email Project_Participant_Individual_ContactDetail_Email

INN Project_Participant_Company_INN

Organization legal form Project_Participant_Company_LegalForm_Name

Company name Project_Participant_Company_Organization

Company phone number Project_Participant_Company_ContactDetail_Phone

Company email Project_Participant_Company_ContactDetail_Email

Company website Project_Participant_Company_ContactDetail_Site

Company Address Project_Participant_Company_ContactDetail_Address

Balance for trust account Trust_Balance