Creating a user

An administrator can add users from his company to the system.


To add an user:

  1. Open the Administration - Users section.
  2. Click the + button on the lower right.
  3. Select User.
  4. The New User page opens. In the Personal Data block, fill in the required fields:
    • Full name;
    Initials - for example, the first letters of the first and last name. Initials will be displayed in many sections of the system next to user-created projects, cases, events, etc.
  5. In the Job Information block, fill in the required fields:
    Working status - select Working or Not working. The working status will be taken into account when scheduling work: tasks are assigned only to working employees;
    Job Title;
    Company Name.
  6. Fill in additional information about the user in the Additional attributes section. They can be used in reports and workflows. You can configure the block fields yourself in the Administration - Additional attributes section. See details: Editing a set of additional attributes. If the block is not displayed in the user card, configure the rights to view and edit it in the Administration - Users - User card section.
  7. Click the Save button on the lower right.

The user will receive a letter with a password to enter the system.


By default, an user has access to some sections of the system: Events, Projects, Tasks, Documents, Participants, Planning and Knowledge Base. If you want user access to additional sections, define a role for him and add him to one or more groups. For more information, see: Editing a role, Adding and removing users from a group.