Creating and adding an invoice template

Adding a template

  1. From the main navigation menu on the left click on ADMINISTRATION.  
  2. Click the DOCUMENT TEMPLATE tab.
  3. Click on the New template line - a form will appear to create the template.
  4. Specify template name.
  5. Select the template type - For invoice.
  6. Click on the Attach a file line and select a prepared template file.
  7. Click the Add button to complete the process.

Note: The created template can be used instead of the standard one for previewing and downloading invoices.


Creating a template

To prepare a template file, you need to draft a document in Word with the elements you need: header and footer, and also register the required tags by going into the Developer mode. The Developer tab is not displayed in Word automatically to open it, follow the instructions:

  1. Open the File tab.
  2. Select the parameters function.
  3. Select Configure Ribbon.
  4. In the Configure Ribbon section of the Main tab list, select the Developer check box.

After switching to this mode, add to your sample form the corresponding field tags that you want to display in the finished invoice. For example, the name of the customer (Bill_Client_Name) and the amount of expenses (Bill_SubTota).

Please note that these tags must be places in the appropriate fields when creating case card blocks. This is necessary to ensure that the needed information is pulled into the document by template.