Creating a Workflow

Workflows allow the administrator to configure the automatic filling of fields, creating tasks, events or notifications when users perform certain actions in the system. The new script will automatically be activated in the system.

1.From the main navigation menu on the left click on ADMINISTRATION.  Select the WORKFLOW item.

2. Click the "+" to create a new workflow.

3. Determine your "wait action"; this is the initial triggering event. You can choose any array of options. For example, if you'd like for a task to be created when the client's email address is received and entered into a field, your wait action would be "field filling" within the data field designated for email addresses on the case card.

4. Create the next sequence of events by clicking the "+" on the flow chart below your wait action. Using the above example, we'd select "create" and choose "task" from the list of options that will appear on the right side of your screen. Name your task, establish it's priority, who it will be assigned to, and the amount of time you will allow before that task is due. You can create as many follow up activities as you'd like. 

5. Save your new workflow.