Granting the right of access to a project

You can grant access to a project for one or several colleagues, as well as for a specific group of users, indicating the type of rights- administration, commenting, viewing or editing.

 Granting Access

  1. From the main navigation menu on the left click on CASES.  
  2. On the left sidebar click on the folder you need.
  3. At the end of the line with the name of the particular project in that folder, click on the icon and select the function Share Project.
  4. Enter the group name, user or email.
  5. Specify the type of rights - partial viewing, only viewing, commenting, editing or administration
    • Partial view: provides the rights to partially view a folder in which the case is located.
    • View: provides a view of all projects and cases in a folder.
    • Commenting: provides viewing and commenting.
    • Edit: provides commenting and editing of projects and cases in a folder.
    • Administration: allows you to create and edit projects, archive and restore a folder, delete a folder, manage access to a folder.
  6. To save the changes, click the Save button.
  7. To change access rights, select the Share Project option again and make the following changes: add users or select a new type of rights.


  8. To block access to the project, click on the  icon next to the user's name or group name and click Delete.
  9. Confirm the action by clicking Yes, delete.
  10. Save the changes.