Understanding the case card

The case card consists of several different tabs.

Summary: where you can record and review data pertaining to the case and client.

Feed: where you can quickly see all the events that have occurred in the case.

Participants: shows all participants in the case. You can add a new participant or edit the card of an existing participant.

Tasks: shows all the tasks in this case. Here you can view the history of tasks, create a new task or edit an existing one.

Documents: shows all the documents in this case. Here you can add new documents or edit existing ones.

Time Sheet: shows all the time spent on tasks and events in the present case. Here you can edit the time spent.

Expenses: shows all indirect expenses in the present case. Here you can create new expenses, edit or delete existing ones in the case.

Invoices: shows all invoices in the present case. Invoices can be created, edited and deleted.

Notes: here you can leave your notes and comments on the case. Both public and private.


Customizable partitions

The main information on the case is recorded in the SUMMARY tab. The Case block is standard, it is present by default in each card. The remaining blocks and fields of the Summary tab are configured separately for your types of cases through the ADMINISTRATION panel.